Best Tactical Flashlights

It is no coincidence that a flashlight is a must-have item for soldiers and police officers all over the world. However, it is available to civilians. So why not take advantage of the opportunity and purchase such a convenient item?

A good tactical flashlight is equally useful in the forest and in the urban jungle. Its light will help you navigate the terrain, identify danger in time and even protect yourself from an attack. If you need to find something in the dark, then without a flashlight it is an impossible task. With the help of light, signals and landmarks can be given. Remember to always carry a charged torch with you when hiking or on night shifts.

A beam of light can be useful during the day: therefore, policemen wear flashlights on daytime watch. The bright light of tactical flashlights helps to blind and disorient the enemy. Many models have a special blinking function for more effective blinding of attackers.

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How to Pick a Good Tactical Flashlight

It is customary to call tactical flashlights developed for soldiers and other employees of power structures. They can be attached to a weapon or be an independent piece of equipment.
Such a product must necessarily be of high quality in order to perform its tasks in various extreme conditions.

Tactical flashlights differ from conventional flashlights in a number of characteristics:

  • Reliability and durability: the flashlight must work properly in all situations, withstand shock, falls from great heights, vibration.
  • Resistance to natural factors. A tactical flashlight is not afraid of moisture, dust, temperature drops. Of course, the degree of its durability depends on the model and manufacturer.
  • The power of a tactical flashlight, even with a modest size, is much higher than that of a similar household one.
  • Convenience. The flashlight must be securely attached to weapons or ammunition. If necessary, it can be easily removed and quickly turned on. In situations that the military calls “workers,” a split second can save life.
  • The luminous flux should be distributed in such a way as to uniformly illuminate near and far objects.
  • Tactical flashlights last longer than conventional flashlights. At the same time, 80% of the working time, the quality of light does not decrease.
  • The modes of operation in many models allow you to choose the beam width and brightness of the light.

So, a tactical flashlight is a very reliable and almost indestructible thing. Therefore, they are willingly bought not only by the military, police and climbers. Even if you need a flashlight to illuminate a dark entrance, it is much more profitable to purchase a simple tactical model once than to constantly change cheap household ones. If the flashlight has the characteristics listed above, you can safely buy it.

Types of tactical flashlights

What groups can be divided into equipment of this type? First of all, there are two types, depending on the purpose.

  • The underbarrel flashlight is part of the weapon kit. Such models are used mainly by soldiers and hunters.
  • A separate piece of equipment. It can be quickly retrieved from an unload or a pouch to illuminate an object or blind an enemy, and is often used in conjunction with pistols. It was they who became widespread among tourists, fishermen, emergency doctors, etc.

Quite a few flashlights are suitable both for independent carrying and for use with weapons. Mounts are stationary or removable, soft and rigid.
Soft rubber is rare. The hard ones confidently took the lead: most of them are metal, some are plastic.

Stationary models fix the light more reliably. Detachable can be quickly detached to use the flashlight as a hand lamp. Different mounts are suitable for different types of weapons. Some of the bottoms are mounted on the barrel, others on the Picatinny rail. There are modern magnetic mounts: with this, you can remove the flashlight from the weapon in a matter of seconds.

Tactical flashlights can be classified according to the shock resistance class of dust and moisture protection in accordance with the international Ingress Protection Rating system. The degree of protection is indicated by the IP marking and two numbers. The first of them shows resistance to mechanical damage, the second is water resistance. The maximum possible class IP68 can stay under water at a depth of 1 m for up to half an hour.

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The housings are made from an alloy of aluminum and magnesium. Anodizing is used against corrosion and scratches: it is of 3 classes.

Different models differ in the luminous flux power, which is measured in lumens. The operating time without recharging is also important.

Tactical flashlights (more tactical flashlights on  are usually produced with lithium batteries or lithium-ion batteries. The latter are less resistant to low temperatures. It is very rare to find finger-type batteries.

When using a flashlight on a weapon, color filters play an important role:

  • Red improves visibility without losing night vision;
  • Blue is used for covert movement. These lights can be seen on the rifles of special forces soldiers.
  • Green is used by hunters. It is less recognizable by animals.

TOP 15 Tactical Flashlights

#1 Wicked Lasers Torch

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Wicked Lasers Torch isn’t just flashy. This is a real monster among hand-held flashlights, capable of replacing a traditional searchlight weighing several kilograms. Its brightness is 4100 lumens, which is several times higher than the capabilities of the most serious OLED counterparts. To understand how powerful the torch of light gives out, it is enough to bring a newspaper sheet close, and it will ignite. You can fry eggs, melt plastic cups through and do other weird things with a lantern. The accessory is not small – 57×230 mm, 547 g. It is made of military grade aluminum, contains a high-performance reflector and a powerful battery that can power a 100-watt halogen lamp. True, the charge will not last for a long time – 5-10 minutes, no more. But the lamp is very reliable, with a MTBF of up to 2000 hours. See what this monster can do.

#2 SureFire UDR Dominator

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Wicked Lasers Torch he already lost his “super” prefix after SureFire developed the UDR Dominator flashlight with a brightness of 2400 lumens, which can be equated to 475 thousand candles. The gadget gives out a wide beam of light as much as 2 km! At the same time, from the built-in battery, it works not for some shameful 10 minutes, but as much as 80 minutes, with an extended battery – as much as two hours. All this time, the flashlight will shine at maximum brightness, the light will not fade when the battery level decreases. The product is large – its length is 38 cm. So you can brush off hooligans. In addition, the anodized aluminum housing is waterproof to a depth of one meter, and the built-in light source is shock and shock resistant. Price $ 1370.

#3 NITECORE Tiny Monster TM26

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The NITECORE Tiny Monster TM26 is not as powerful as the Wicked Lasers Torch, but it is not far behind them in terms of brightness, while it has enviable functionality and relatively small dimensions. The device contains four super-bright emitters hidden in a waterproof housing made of aviation aluminum alloy (IPX-8, can be submerged to a depth of 2 meters). It has eight modes and glow patterns, starting with the brightest (3500 lumens), in which the flashlight can work up to 45 minutes without recharging, illuminating everything around for half a kilometer, and ending with the super-economical (3 lumens, it will glow without recharging for up to 1000 hours).

The built-in display shows the current lighting mode and temperature of the flashlight, which is powered by four 18650 batteries or eight CR123 batteries. By the way, in critical situations, the flashlight can even operate on one battery or two batteries. The emitters are protected by strong mineral glass with an anti-reflective coating. The dimensions of the flashlight are 142 x 68–57 mm (the diameter of the head and the lower part of the device, respectively), and the weight is 624 g (with batteries). The gadget comes with four 18650 cells, eight CR123 batteries, a carbine with a Smith & Wesson flashlight and a charger.

#4 Gonex with 18,000 lumens

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In fact, the manufacturer is disingenuous, claiming that the brightness of the Gonex flashlight is 18 thousand lumens. That’s the total amount of lumens the 15 super-bright CREE XM-L T6 LEDs produce. Thus, we get a powerful beam of light, but in terms of brightness it will be at the level of 1500-2000 lumens, but in the end the beam will be wider than that of the monsters above. And the price of Gonex is more democratic. The rest of the accessory is quite standard: it has a metal case, is protected from water and dust according to the IP66 standard and is powered by four 26650/18650 batteries. From the operating modes, there are three options for brightness (low, medium, high), SOS and blinding flash to disorient the hooligans. The dimensions of the lantern are 38 x 7.6 x 7.6 cm. Against the background of competitors it stands in a godlike way, because from Aliexpress.

#5 Flashlight Sipik

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The Chinese company Sipik is one of the pioneers in the production of OLED-based devices. Through the efforts of such manufacturers, the cost of very powerful and economical flashlights dropped below the $ 10 mark. Sipik-SK68 is just from this price range, while it produces a luminous flux of 120 lumens and from one AA battery it can work up to an hour. The body is made of aluminum with a movable front. Thanks to the built-in lens and the movable head, the luminous flux can be focused. There are two variants of the Sipik-SK68: with a 450mA and 700mA driver. The first can only be powered by an AA battery and has one mode of operation. The second, in addition to the AA battery, supports a 14500 mAh / 3.7 V Li-Ion battery, with which it shines much brighter. Plus, it has three modes of operation: low brightness, standard, strobe. A small, but very useful and bright thing can help out in many situations. Delivery from Ali is free.

#6 BrimLit LED Hat Light

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The dual-mode BrimLit LED Hat Light is mounted on the visor of a baseball cap and shines with its 4 LEDs in pitch darkness from 8 to 16 hours. This is a very good alternative to strap lights that have never been great for usability. First, the BrimLit weighs only 31 grams. Secondly, it runs on two common batteries of the 2032 series. Thirdly, it is not necessary to remove it when you get into a vehicle – in the off state, the flashlight is invisible. The IPX4 seal is put under the degree of protection, which means: “you can fall headlong into the sand, get wet in the rain, and nothing will happen to me.”

#7 Self Defense Baseball Bat Flashlight

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Often, motorists, and ordinary citizens too, have a small but sturdy baseball bat or some similarly comfortable club in their car and at home. Just in case, because there are different cases. In addition, there is also a powerful lantern on the farm. How about combining these two useful devices? Then you get Self Defense Baseball Bat Flashlight. When it is necessary to highlight, as a last resort, you can walk around the bully like that once another, or at first blind, and then walk around.

The device is made of anodized aluminum and contains a 200 lumen LED lamp with a MTBF of up to 10 thousand hours. Not the brightest representative of the family, it cannot be compared with Wicked Lasers Torch, but in everyday life its capabilities are more than enough, especially considering the versatility of the device.

#8 Snow Peak Lapel Torch

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If you use a headlamp, you will have to turn your head to illuminate the right place, if it’s normal, then your hand will also be busy. How can you twist so that the light is directed in the right direction, and your hands are free and you don’t have to twist your head too much? Snow Peak offers one of the solutions. This is also a lantern, but very unusual. Lapel Torch consists of two parts – a battery compartment and, in fact, a flashlight with a magnetic clip.

The components are connected by a long cable that can be neatly wound around the battery compartment if needed. Thus, the miniature flashlight can be easily attached to clothes, bags and anywhere else. It is powered by three AAA batteries. A charge of standard alkaline cells will last for 55 hours of flashlight operation at a brightness of 70 lumens or 140 hours of glow with a power of 7 lumens. There is also basic protection against water according to the IPX4 specification.

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#9 Flashlight on a clothespin Panasonic BF-AF20P

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Panasonic BF-AF20P is somewhat similar to Snow Peak, only without a wire. This LED flashlight is equipped with a clothespin and a functional hinge. Thus, you can attach it and direct the light in the desired direction: hands are free, the head is free and the light is pouring where it is needed – babble! The accessory can work up to 15 hours from a CR2032 or regular AAA battery.

#10 Inova Microlight

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On the agenda is another nonsense, but pleasant thing to the heart – a miniature LED flashlight Inova Microlight. Four modes of light are reproduced by our 10-gram baby. At a maximum of 6 lumens, the flashlight can work for 10 hours, at a minimum of 1 lumen (for reading) – 22 hours. The IPX4 rating is designed to remain operational in moderate rain. In a downpour, it is better to hide it in your pocket. The set includes a clip for attaching to a belt, a keychain, a backpack. The diode has a lifespan of 5.5 years of continuous operation.

#11 UCO Traveler Lantern

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Designed specifically for the traveler, the UCO has a ton of features besides a charging station and a flashlight. It is also a table lamp and a pendant lamp with a maximum brightness of 180 lumens and a wide range of adjustment. In addition, the device has built-in red LEDs for night mode, it can be used as an SOS light and as a strobe. If the flashlight falls out of the worn-out, tired, trembling handles into the water, it will remain intact, as it meets the IPX 5 physical protection standard. The built-in battery can charge the iPhone a couple of times or do it once, and then for up to five hours act as a flashlight.

#12 Handheld laser flashlight Wicked Lasers Arctic

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The Wicked Lasers company has already distinguished itself with a torch with a monstrous power. Its luminous flux is such that you can fry eggs, set fire to wood and paper, melt plastic. 4100 lumens is no joke. But in addition to the flashlight, Wicked Lasers also has a pocket laser in its assortment, a real one, as in science fiction films and novels. Of course, Arctic’s power is not as great as science fiction writers describe in their works, but it is enough to burn holes in paper and wood, destroy balloons and start a fire in a house if used carelessly. It is the most powerful commercially available portable laser on the market.

The accessory is powered by Sanyo lithium batteries with a total capacity of 18650 mAh, the capabilities of which are sufficient for 30-180 minutes of device operation (depending on the installed power). Laser resource – 5000 hours. If, in addition to such a thing, you also need a flashlight, then it is enough to buy a PhosForce attachment. By the way, with the help of Arctic, you can send signals into space, the laser beam is perfectly visible from orbit.

#13 Ikea YUSA with manual drive

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No matter how advanced the flashlight is, it always depends on batteries. I forgot to take a spare kit on a hike or to the dacha – enjoy the darkness. The Ikea YUSA LED flashlight has a manual drive and does not have replaceable energy sources, which makes it independent of anything. It is enough to turn the handle of the dynamo machine on the rear end of the case a hundred times (it takes 40 seconds) so that the three diodes will confidently light up for 5 minutes. Twist three minutes – you can already paint the “bullet” or read a book before going to bed. The flashlight should be found in the children’s department of Ikea. My son asked me to buy him this thing himself.

#14 Knit Cap LED

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The farther in autumn, the earlier it gets dark, and given the condition of the asphalt on many streets, potholes and other “delights”, it is advisable to carry a flashlight with you so as not to injure your feet in the dark. But as personal experience shows, there is not always an extra hand to hold a flashlight. A solution to the problem is a flashlight on a Panasonic BF-AF20P clip. Or you can buy a Knit Cap LED with a built-in flashlight. Classic cut soft fabric, one size fits any head and five bright LEDs in the forehead that can shine for up to seven hours on a single charge.

#15 Fenix E20

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There are simply hellish lanterns with which you can literally shine into space or fry eggs. Yes, I mean Wicked Lasers products. But such wild power is not often needed, and the battery will last for 10 minutes at most. In practice, however, a more or less bright flashlight is required that can work for a long time without replacing the batteries. The Fenix ​​E21 can last up to 11 hours at 54 lumens – long and bright. Moreover, at full power, the brightness level rises to 165 lumens, and the illumination radius is 210 meters. True, at the maximum, you should not count on more than 2 hours of battery life, although a couple of AA batteries are easy to change. The flashlight is waterproof and can easily withstand a dive of two meters. The accessory is made of aluminum, the lens is glass.